Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Summer Approaches :)

I just wanted to say a good-bye to the amazing group of student this year :) We were merrily working away on our school year before we were hit by a world-wide pandemic, the likes of which people haven't seen in 100 years. I truly appreciate all the efforts many families made trying to keep the learning going at home during this extremely stressful time! I know it's been very hard :(

I hope the lessons and work level sent home were ok. I was trying to balance some education in with just being realistic to everyone's varying situations. The video chat sessions did keep Mrs. Binning and I above water with the connections that we were able to maintain each week.

You all have such wonderful children and I'm sad to have missed out on the last third of the year teaching them in my preferred usual way. I know there are lots of questions we all have about the fall and what that will look like....but for now it's time for students to relax and recharge this summer.

All the best!

Mr. Karr

Sunday, June 14, 2020


Weekly Sign-Up for MS TEAMS video chat with Mr.Karr +4 Students

Time slots available for this week on June 17th

This will be our last week of online learning for the please feel free to bring a favourite stuffy and your best brightest summer clothes! Hawaiian shirts are encouraged (or anything bright and summer like!).

I just wanted to say a personal thank-you to all the families this past spring. I know it's been challenging at home at times and I wanted you to know I appreciate. You've been great with the communication and willingness to bridge school/home lives. We've all been inventing this as we've gone along.  It's been a Term 3 for the ages!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Spelling Lists: May 19-22

Grade 2: Contractions
  1. doesn't
  2. don't
  3. he's
  4. that's
  5. it's
  6. aren't
  7. didn't
  8. isn't
  9. she's
  10. who's

Grade 1: Unit 28
  1. were
  2. nice
  3. week
  4. green
  5. bus

Monday, May 11, 2020

Spelling Lists: May 11- May 15

Grade 2: Homophones (words that sound the same but mean different things)
  1. our
  2. hour
  3. too
  4. to
  5. two
  6. their
  7. there
  8. buy
  9. by
  10. here
  11. hear
Grade 1: Unit 27
  1. very
  2. game
  3. pet
  4. baby
  5. wish

There are a couple different worksheets available in MS TEAMS "Assignments" tab (located in the general area). Please download, print (or edit digitally)...then take a photo (or save) and upload your assignments in MS TEAMS to get a fun animated treat. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Spelling Lists: May 5-8

There are spelling worksheets available in MS TEAMS. Go to the "General" link on the left...and then go to the "Assignments" tab on the top to find them, download them, and print them. Once they are completed. you can upload a picture to this same spot and get a fun animated surprise when you do! :)

Gr 2: Compound Words
  1. sometimes
  2. downtown
  3. girlfriend
  4. everybody
  5. maybe
  6. myself
  7. lunchbox
  8. baseball
  9. outside
  10. today

Gr.1: Unit 26
  1. because
  2. ride
  3. fast
  4. funny
  5. boat

Monday, April 27, 2020

Spelling Lists: April 27-May 1st

In MS TEAMS "Assignments" you'll find a worksheet you can print to help practice your spelling words for this week at home. You can upload a picture back to this assignment and press "Submit" (you'll be treated to a new little animated prize for doing so!). After the weekend...I'll delete last week's spelling assignments to make room for the new weekly words.

Grade 2's have "ou" and "ow" sound words this week.
1. clown
2. our
3. down
4. count
5. how
6. town
7. house
8. about
9. now
10. out

Grade 1's have Unit 25 high frequency words.
1. something
2. park
3. call
4. store
5. stop

POETRY MONTH "Writing" Activity

POETRY MONTH "Writing" Activity

I'll post this in the General "ASSIGNMENTS TAB" in MS TEAMS today as a writing assignment. Mrs. Dolan come up with a fun poetry activity to do with the spines of books. She "wrote" one of her book spine poems about Mrs. Binning's expected baby.

Lot into MS TEAMS and go the General and "Assignments" tab to find the directions. You can submit your poem via a picture in this same place!